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Messages posted by: Fatny
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Well you're clever enough to know it's shit and you do a lot of research, maybe try to learn web development, everyone needs web developers and buildings websites/apps that bring value is one way to make money online that works.

There's plenty of fun sites to learn for free now. Examples :

Then if the fun ways worked, you move into more serious online courses or buy books or join a web school program.
Stop trying to make a dollar or two with those sites. Use that time to learn a skill that's in demand or to work.

I'll tell you why it's shit. I've had to deal with a few sites like that (on the advertiser side).

It's shit because the "visitor credits" they're trying to sell are all broke people like you that are being taken advantage of. They're not potential customers, they don't have money. And they have zero interest as they are being told to go on a website and wait on it for 30 seconds in exchange for a few cents or a 1/1000 chance at winning a box of donuts.

No one's getting any value. It's fundamentally flawed. And it's going to crash down, like all other sites like it always crash down (they'll have sold quite a few $50 when it does though).

So yeah, there's ways to make money online but it always comes down to bringing value. Sorry to say but this is not it. This is a bomb that will explode sooner than later.

Don't buy too many ad packs.
Woops missed this, good job Nigel you deserved it! I think all HOF that still visit the forum thought you were #1 runner up for HOF.

As for the troll hall Mikkel, it would look like this:

#1 Reaper
#2 Redneck
#3 Ray Johnson
#4 Yacoob
And to answer the question as to who does that, it's not people like Redneck that enjoy watching people in forums get pissed (at least not here), it's really someone in China paid $1 a hour in some spam sweatshop that spends 70 hours a week finding sites to spam and spamming them.

They get tons of links to make counterfeit products sites look popular for a short time before Google notices and removes them.
Your chinese spammer probably uses this program Mik :

Basically the spammer specifies keywords related to his crappy counterfeit product sites and steals paragraphs of text from other sites that mention his keywords, then pushes a big SPAM FORUMS button in Xrumer to send the stolen text with links to his shitty sites in it to a big .txt list of spammable forums.

Do you get the same spam on the 3dboxing forum?

If not i guess changing the url from to something like would be an easy solution.

Until another chinese bot finds the new url.
Reaper best troll of OB pound for pound...

Hall of trolls #1!
You asked for it:

Larry Holmes
Fatny, why do you push people to the corner?

If I push you to your corner and you hurt me, there's a lot of space behind me to move back and recover. If I hurt you, you've got no space to move back, you're stuck there.

That's just unfair!


Fatny, what is your favorite punch?

I like the close punches best (uppercut, small hook and body shot), those let me clinch you right after.

Ok but Fatny, what is the best punch?

Besides the leaning jab, I think the best punch might just be the straight right hand. I'm not very good with it but it's hard to see coming, it seems to have a big landing area if i can say and it hurts enough to get a ko when the health is low.

The leaning jab is great, but more due to the stance than anything. It's just hard to get hit by anything when leaning.

Fatny, what stance is the best?

Leaning stance.

What is the next best stance?

IMO the crossarms stance at close range. You just got to be careful about the body shots. There might be sweet spot right between the range of the body shot and the range of the head flurry that makes you impossible to get hit.

But crossarms stance at close range takes skill to do well.

Fatny what is better, hitting the head or hitting the body?

I like to hit both but if i have to choose say between the two I think hitting the head is better.

My reasoning is simple, it is easier to get a KO when the head is in the red than when the body is in the red. The big hook and straight right will do a KO, and with the other head punches you can get a KO if you hit him on the head again when he is falling.

I always feel more in shit when I am cornered with the head in the red than with the body in the red.

Fatny, should I throw big combos like Unstoppable or Red Viper?

Generally no because of the power and the stamina. Let me explain by an example:

Say Mikkel decided the right hand uses 5 points of stamina and does 10 damage. You throw a right hand, it spends 5 points of your stamina and does 10 damage. You throw a combo of 3 right hands, the first one spends 5 stamina and does 10 damage. Your power went down a bit. The second one spends 5 stamina and does maybe 8 damage. Your power went down a bit. The third one spends 5 stamina and does maybe 6 damage.

So you spent the full 15 stamina of 3 right hands but only did 24 damage instead of the full 30 damage that the 3 right hands would do at full power.

The exception is when your opponent is hurt. If you are confident you can get a knockdown by throwing a big combo than it can be worth it for the additionnal point.

Fatny, who has the best chance of beating you?

A Punching Bag AKA The Madman.

You meant John right? Madman is a joke and I own him

I know, he's just got my number. Right amount of crazyness and great accuracy with the looping punches I guess. If you don't get me out of my confort zone like this guy did, chances are that i'm going to win. I rarely lose decisions in this game.

I just win more rounds than you, it's a fact.

Accept it and put me on my ass to get a win.

Fatny, are you really fat?

No, sorry.
I am too busy indeed... i give it to Maxie!
Looking great! I'm going to give it another try when i have the time.
  • Open your Java. For older versions of Windows it should be in your icons bottom right, and for Windows 7 it is in your Control Panel.

  • Click on Advanced, Java Plug-In. You'll see a checked option named "Enable the next-generation Java plug-in. This is the cause of the problems.

  • If you can, uncheck it.

  • If the option is gray and you can't (on Windows 7 64 bits), close the window. Open your Java folder in Program Files, open jre7, open bin, and right click the file javacpl.exe. Click on Properties, Compatibility, and check the option "Run this program as an administrator". This will remove the gray from the option and let you remove the next-generation problem

  • *Credit to John for finding this
    **Sticky please
    I'm back.

    Someone bring Unstoppable from the club here.

    Someone bring Fernando Vargas from the bank here.

    Someone bring Yacoob from the psycho yard here.

    Someone bring Larry Holmes from the grave here.

    And get ready to rumble!

    *Thanks to John for making my OB work again.
    hehehe yeah well I was really just trying to say they do make a load of money from adsense.

    Easy to get accepted, easy to set up for the webmaster... But it's not for nothing, it's lucrative. And they keep increasing their cut every year, leaving less $$$ per click for the webmaster.

    Wasn't trying to be an ass.

    *P.S: Google is evil
    Fierce wrote:
    Fatny wrote:
    Fierce wrote:
    Mikkel wrote:
    Fierce wrote:Google Adsense is free.. .

    No its not Mr Marketing Wizard. Where do you think google gets its billions from ?

    Not from Adsense. Theres about 100 different varieties you nob.

    "Google Network Revenues – Google’s partner sites generated revenues of $2.98 billion, or 27% of Google revenues, in the second quarter of 2012. This represents a 20% increase from second quarter 2011 Google network revenues of $2.48 billion."

    (partner sites = adense. They more or less make 3/4 of their income from the ads on the search engine and 1/4 from the sites with adsense)

    Partner sites does not necessarily mean adsense. stop trying to comment on this topic to look cool u sad fuck.

    im not gonna have a gay little sad fucker banter with u on statistics and who knows more about what u div.

    there are many different systems set up by google to make money with 'partner sites'.

    Adsense gives you the ability to put adverts on your web page and thus get money per visit from the public. This is not what you (mikkel) were talking about. Im guessing You were talking about paying to have your website put on Search Engine's, which is totally different.

    Either way there are many Other options out there to advertise/market your site, for free, you just gotta do the research on it.

    #What a Pointless contribution dare i call it that Fatny just made on this topic.
    Is Dick Sucking Really endemic on this game?

    Thank you for teaching me and Mikkel about the googles and about the interwebs
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