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Messages posted by: Fatny
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surely ain't a bullet-proof formula, if he didn't freeze the fight there's a fair chance i'd have got tko'ed on stamina, but yeah it's funny he can easily block every punch of a quick 10 punches combo at short range, yet can't see the slow haymakers

HTF said that too a day or two ago when referring to how to beat single player, it's not my formula, and it can only work up to a certain point since the dude is too fast and accurate. I believe at this level you also need luck
it's that Ray Johnson gets a kick out of reviving old threads to start laughing about dead people

Some people find jokes and comedy shows funny, but for Ray it's the evening news when they describe deaths and accidents, that's where he commence having fun and laughing his ass off
My vote:

Best Offence -- Fatny

Best Defense -- Fatny

Most Improved -- Fatny

Smartest Boxer -- Fatny

Best Brawler -- Fatny

Fastest --Fatny

Best KO Finisher -- Fatny

Best Overall Fighter -- Fatny

Best Rookie -- Fatny

Best "Insert What You Want" -- Fatny

Worst Defense: Red Viper

*Edit #2:
Most Unstable: Yacoob
Most Ugly: Glue Bob

*Edit #3:
Alright Nigel let's unify those titles, next time we're both on and both have a good connection let's do it
Alright good fights, you're still pretty darn quick
"We could do this right now"

You just told me in game you needed several days at the same time you posted this here. Don't lie to people only to look good.

You also talked shit to me and left the game before i could place a word just like a real coward. Get a hold of yourself man.
why not here's one
this 24-3 Dennis Rodman came in to challenge me at about the same time Sugar replied in this forum:

Same skills, same style, same arrogant and frustrated talking in the game, you're caught
speed has been raised, rounds are longer that's alright, but stamina is exactly the same as it was

stamina needs to be raised or all fights will be leaning jabfests. Nobody can get to 10th round right now even by throwing a *moderate* amount of punches, it's too many.

Don't even think about banging a lot of punches, you're out of stamina in 3rd round
i forfeit the tournament and retire, this game does nothing but piss me off when i lose, no satisfaction anymore when i win, lose/lose situation, goodbye
Mike Tyson KO10 Fatny
Fatny W12 Mike Tyson
Fatny W12 Mike Tyson
Here is my honest prediction of what will truly happen in the tournament:
BLANCO gets a hard fought upset win and clears Larry in step 1, then makes it up the finals and start getting called "The Great White OB Hope"

On the other side of the plate, i fight Mike. We start the fight and soon enough i manage to land 4 straights hands flush, plus 3 haymakers while he falls head first. It soon becomes called "the OB KO of the year". Then we do the rematch. Mike comes swinging, and soon i counter with several body shots. While going down to take his knee, i manage to land several right hands and haymakers to his head. At the count of 10 his body recovered, but not his head. It becomes called "the best OB KO ever".

Finals are Fatny versus BLANCO. High expectations are put on blanco.

Starting the fight, ref gives the instructions and before the bell rings, i give BLANCO this hard cold crazy tyson's stare you can see in Couture's signature. BLANCO makes in his pants, bell rings, I land a jab and a frightened BLANCO goes down for the count.

Fatny is declared winner of the tournament.

*PS: I'm just trying to be honest. Everyone is entitled to his opinion.

Erik Morales TKO9 Fatny
Fatny TKO12 Erik Morales
Fatny W12 Erik Morales
i'll break the ice, Fatny vs Drew-B

Fatny TKO 4
Fatny KO 1
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