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Messages posted by: Fatny
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Fierce wrote:
Mikkel wrote:
Fierce wrote:Google Adsense is free.. .

No its not Mr Marketing Wizard. Where do you think google gets its billions from ?

Not from Adsense. Theres about 100 different varieties you nob.

"Google Network Revenues – Google’s partner sites generated revenues of $2.98 billion, or 27% of Google revenues, in the second quarter of 2012. This represents a 20% increase from second quarter 2011 Google network revenues of $2.48 billion."

(partner sites = adense. They more or less make 3/4 of their income from the ads on the search engine and 1/4 from the sites with adsense)
Sorry Yacoobie I stopped poker more than a year ago, now I work fulltime as a webmaster for an e-commerce, work on my projects on the side and i'm back to school in web development part time. McBoonie would be proud!

Poker's only fine if you're really really good. I was in the top 10% myself (ie winning more than losing) but still not good enough to make a good wage of it. You need to be in the top 1%. And poker's way too frustrating.

Knowing your temper and your patience, you definitely don't have the personality it takes. You need to be cold as ice, with no emotions.

Give it a try for fun but only for fun, don't try to make money out of it
There, a well invested 30 minutes. Pardon my design skills and my love for the FixedSys font!

Once a fan of the page, you can easily share it with the share option under the message button.

Actually wait until Mikkel's fixed his new player creation problem first
Titan wrote:
Mikkel wrote:Facebook add might be a good idea..

Of course its a good idea. But nice how you ignore Fierce' Posting...his idea is not bad either and its for free (not half as good as the facebook-ad..but still good).

Yeah it's not bad... Will be removed sometimes as it's seen as spam by Youtube but who cares, if you have the accounts ready it only takes a few minutes to do.

The only change i'd suggest is to go specifically for boxing game videos instead of real boxing videos, you'll have a better chance there. For example Fight Night reviews.

Try running an ad on the right sidebar of Facebook, they're pretty cheap and work well for things like games in my experience.

In your ads targeting options, target only males that have added boxing games in their list of interests. For exemple there is 38 200 male facebook accounts interested in "Fight night round 4" of age 18-25 in the USA right now.

Put a catchy picture of Muhammad Ali or Mike Tyson in there and try a catchy title with some text like this:

Better than Fight Night?
Free online boxing has a better gameplay than Fight Night. Come try it!

Make sure to use CPM (cost per 1000) as your advertising option and not CPC (cost per click), it ends much cheaper for well targeted ads.

I'm guessing it would end up costing somewhere around 0.15$ to 0.30$ per click (i'm getting as low as 0.05$ for some campaigns in France but it's less competitive there).

- Fatny
Hi there, i'm still following OB, unfortunatly I cannot play anymore as my fights do not start, no matter what browser I use.

Good thing for you guys
Mr.Oizo wrote:Fatny - Crawl Out Of Mikkels Arse Please.

Calm down bro, i'm not, as a matter of fact i don't think 3D will be popular either and everyone knows I much prefer 2D to 3D. There's no market for indy boxing games, it's never going to work well.

But sometimes when you've got too many projects going on and too little time, you've got to drop the ones you have less enthusiasm for. Especially if they've become a burden. In this case, it's OB2D.

P.s: have you still got the players database? I'd like to know my final record if possible, and maybe details on the big undefeated run I had when things were all going my way. In 2009 or 2008 i'd guess, I started to forget.

Good decision I think, it would have kept being problems and a money loss, it wasn't going anywhere.

Thanks for making that game though and keeping it up for so long even if it was in the red.

OB2D = my favorite fighting game ever. A game that shined by it's simplicity: very simple to play, but difficult to master. One of the only fighting games where you didn't only need skills and reflexes to be among the very best (like say Street Fighter), but also needed to be strong mentally.

You'll stay in the memories OB!

Titan wrote:damn You must be a lonely man

U mad now bro? Is it because you went down for the count after the very first punch?
Once upon a time, a man named Fatny threw a right hand...

His opponent fell down and couldn't get back up before the count of 10.

Not true Mikkel, you can somewhat move down the Y axis in both games by ducking down. It puts you in a different ducking "state" that makes you evade some punches, just like jumping in street fighter puts you in an air "state" that makes you evade low kicks and shit.

But anyway a game is considered in 2D or in 3D because it is rendered in 2 or in 3 dimensions, not because of the freedom of movement you have in it.

Could be a modern game rendered in 3d where you're a train and the only control you've got is the accelerator not to hit cars at car passes... It's still a 3d game.
Hehehe I had this one also:

But you'd need to be a very old player to get it, when I started playing many years ago Ken Norton would never ever actually talk, for months. He'd just sometimes start to repeat stuff other players said over and over again and spam it like a bot.

I'm guessing he was using some script to repeat stuff over for minutes at once.
What about the bus driving license?
Mikkel wrote:But Fatny is a bot inventet by me ! never imagined it would get this far, now it has invented its own bot !?!?!

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