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Messages posted by: Fatny
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Derision? An unexpected type of reaction and at 2 minutes and 50 seconds, a very prompt one. It is frightening.

The defense mechanisms are working.

The rumors and the accusations were right, you finally all got me to reveal my true face...

I am the creator of the Ken Norton. It is my greatest invention, my disciple and my slave. Without me, he is nothing.

I couldn't teach the Ken Norton some of the more advanced Fatny skills and it is still somewhat linear and slow. But the program is becoming more intelligent by the hour, it is becoming sharper and nearing perfection, even if it does not look like it. We are entering a new era in OnlineBoxing.

Feel the wrath of the Automaton!

I rarely post fights but I think this one here is funny.

PinkAvenger is Meldrick Taylor here, outboxing me for most of the championship fight. Round 15 starts, he's got a large 8 points lead but he gets hurt and cornered.

He goes down for the last time at 00 : 02 seconds mark and, although he could have gotten up, the ref stops the fight.

Real fight's last round:

they do almost no damage, but they spend almost no stamina and like you said, they stun. Previous version the jabs were much stronger and it was a complete jabfest, always is when they do good damage since they're so easy to land and don't harm your defense when you throw them.

Only one that seems weird to me is when you're up and throw a jab to the body, it does much less damage than a jab to the head. Rest is fine.
My thoughts is Poyo's pretty good, here's proof:

That red thing yes.

Something dear Mr.Goat could never do in 12 tries.
I don't have a lot of contacts, just a few graphists and programmers because i'm subpar at it and a few other guys that do seo like me. But this isin't really about SEO anyway, this is about trying to make something go viral.

I think the best way would be to make a huge list of phone game review websites, blogs and forums. Make a huge list of leaders in the social networks that talk about phone games and that people follow a lot. Find popular websites related to phone games where you could post an article as a guest.

Then you spend countless hours doing quality writing beforehand and, when the game is ready, you go berserk at your lists. You contact a ton of webmasters and social network leaders directly with a big email and a free version of the game available for them to test, hoping they'll then talk about it. You post quality guest articles, threads on forums and comments on blogs all over.

Doesn't a lot of technical knowledge. Just to write well, not be afraid of contacting people, and maybe more importantly to be motivated by money. Getting $$$ on sales can go a long way.

Just my opinion anyway.

I suspect Mikkel's way of marketing the game could be to only say it's out here on the forum, submit it on the apple store and wait.
I'm already doing that too much. Say you work 10 hours a day as a phone game programmer for a company, in the evenings you'll want to do other things than phone game programming.

But yeah you just find a buddy that's good at making websites, writing stuff all over and managing social networks, and you give him a cut.
Then if you ever make that you need to realise that although you're a good programmer, you stink at web marketing! And you find someone like me that knows it enough to make something popular online (but not me as i'm already doing that full time).

Think of it like an associate. Say you're happy with 3$ a download for OB, you let him market it at 4$ or 4.50$ and he keeps the cut from all his sales.
Add a mobile version of OB to your list of projects mikkel ^^

I think 2D's gameplay is good enough and the game is light enough to be a good fit in the apple store and all these phone stores.

Would be good enough to sell for 3$-4$ per download, would just need prettier graphics and a few tweaks here and there, plus all the work that i know nothing about related to making a game mobile.

That's like the only game they have for boxing, a simple single player copy of punchout.
Running in place will never give you the same results as running from a lion.

Stay thirsty, my friends.
I don't always post youtube videos. But when I do, I prefer to show you my accomplishments besides being the best OnlineBoxer ever.

Here is a little about me:

Stay thirsty, my friends.
Tommy Hearns retired a long time ago yet he will enter the HOF, do a speech and get acclaimed this year.

I am giving credit where credit is due.

You too Titan are excepionally good a losing rounds and getting Koed, you deserve a special mention.
Giving credit where credit is due:

P4p #1 at pressing and holding the down arrow, spamming the right hand button and then getting KOed.

A force to be reckoned with because of his special ninja evasion technique. The master of using the bottom very long jab when close to you just before he gets Koed.

Dick.E Boon
Definetly the best at lagging the game before falling down on the mat, Koed.

Red Viper
The grand champion of spamming the body shots while receiving punches in the face on his way of getting Koed.

The best at writing long forum posts just before getting Koed.
Profsback got the title from me because I had something to do and closed OB in the first round. The 2-1 beating you gave me today makes you worthy of the belt though.

But i'll be stronger in the next fight, get ready for it!
This is a lot of fights and would take a long time obviously, could be over two months.

IMO this would be the biggest tourney OB has ever seen, people would follow the thread and go watch the fights and cheer for their favorites.

Glory for those who perform well, shame for those who perform bad!

I'd call it the Legacy Tournament.
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