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Messages posted by: Redneck
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Mikkel wrote:I've found a little video to cheer you up Redneck. i loved it!! thanks for posting the link mikkel.
Please think about a resurrection of OB2D in near know i love that shit. OB2D was like barry mcguigans boxing in future (much better graphics, playing it online etc.). I am missing it already a lot and you just killed it.

same here. If anybody wanna stay in contact with me please send a pm. And thx for the pm's sent so far.

Mikkel wrote:I think it has gotten as far as it can. I think the main problem is that you people want to move forward with 2D. I want to move forward with 3D.
Even though 2D stayed, it wasnt enough for most people.

for me it was enough but i think you are right with a lot of people.
Anyway. Thx for the great time with OB2D. I wish you luck with the 3D-Part and maybe i take a look to your development there from time to time.
RIP OB2D..greatest boxing game ever played on the net.
Good luck with everything you develop and create.

Mikkel wrote:I've decided to stop OB2D..none has been playing it for the last month or so.

Sometimes there's almost 24 hours in between anyone logs on.

There's really no reason to make it take up valuable server memory.
I have stopped it on the server and removed the ob2d portion of the site.

3D is not doing much better but since it's new and no one knows about it, I'll give it a chance.

Good luck on finding another game, to the ones who still play 2D.

I played the game for 5 years now. You are killing something that i cant explain. Thats really really sad news. It was always a great pleasure playing the game (and dont listen to guys telling you that the gameplay is the reason why they stopped playing it. I learned everytime an other style and managed to be in top 10. Not the best but in top 10.).
I can understand this step somehow because you are sick and tired of just this little amount of players (even the hardcore-players like john, viper etc. not playing anymore).
I hope that OB2D will rise again (like this bird phoenix). I always thought that OB2D and OB3D is on one server (and if you let OB3D continue why dont you let OB2D continue? In case of that its on one server)
OB2D is your game..please dont let it die.
Thanks for all this years having this great game on the net. I wrote you before that it is (was) outstanding.
I am sad that you take this step and its like a kick in the face.
Good luck with everything mikkel.

Redneck or better Sadneck

(P.S.: i searched german boxing forums for Onlineboxing. I just wanna write you here what they think on this forums. One of the guys said that OB2D is an outstanding game if at least 10 guys are online playing it. He also said that it got much potential but the homepage of the game is shit. He thinks that this is the reason why not much playing it. OB3D he said is not his game because he prefers fight night and if he wanna play a cool onlineboxing game he prefers OB2D (this thread was from 2007). Another one said that OB2D is not supported very much from the developer mikkel and that OB3D is not the way he wanna play a boxing game online. He prefered the OB2D version but dont wanna play a dying game. This thread was from 2009. Everyone of them said that OB2D got a good quality of tournament-character (just one said that you need too much practice to fight on top with the best fighters there). If it comes to the 3D version everyone prefers the fight night games etc.
I hope you dont hate me if i say again to you: you are on the wrong way mikkel. The guys outside wanna play a good competetive 2D boxing game on the net. I tell you that as a dont be angry with me (fight night is too strong on the market but everyone want this 2D things playing on the net. Easy, classic gameplay etc. dont know why but sometimes this games got success without end (worms, this game with this bird shooting etc.).
Mikkel wrote:I hope that this will somehow change, there's no reason to keep an online game open for 1-2 players.

yeah, i understand your sadness there. But again, the quality of both games are outstanding (2D and 3D). If you take a look to other free Onlinegames you are the winner without a glue.
So i think that there are not enough players is something else. I cant understand whats the reason. I got a perfect pc (to play the newest games on the market) and a console as well but i would still prefer OB2D (with a few opponents to face). But yesterday i was online for 3 hours waiting and noone (but Captain for 2 seconds) joined the game.
It makes me angry that the whole world is too blind to realize that this game rocks.

OB2D is not well visited at the moment. No john, no boon, no viper, no madman, no ken etc. i waited 2 hours for some guys and nothing (except Captain America who came online for 2 seconds). --> lol..if you think i sit before my monitor and wait you are wrong. i am surfing and searching the net during this time.
I have a new idea how it could work to gain more guys playing the game (both..2D and your prefered project 3D).
Its a simple step but i think it will work somehow. You got the single player option but you are kind of isolated while playing it. Thats not good. The idea now is to set some bots (not that great amount of singleplayer) into the regular room. So that new guys can play immediately without closing it because noone is online. A real cool bonus would be to give 1 point or something like that for a win (so the guys come online to get better scores and ranks). Now just put a link to the ranking-page to OB2D and they wanna get named there etc. I think this would bring much more players that stay.
Just an idea (and of course improvable) but think about it. Maybe its a good idea to gain members.
everything is cleared couture. i know who it was but i am allright with this guy again. So let this thread rest in peace. But thx that you sent this info.
the mobbing stopped

first it was placed on 28. january or something like that i think. Hm...Abraham retired last opponent. I think Direll wants more time for training.
Who you guys think will win this fight? Its a homefight for Direll.

when does tournament starts? Lots of the old permanent players are missing these days. After your tournament i try to create another one to bring back some live. Just trusted guys allowed that i know to fight brave in tournament without beeing lost for a week or something.
i want to start that after you made your tournament. So when does this start?
And i hope that SUPERSIX will be continued.

this was a double posting. sorry.
i am in.
Mikkel wrote:I have not erased anything last two weeks so have no idea wtf your talking about. All I can say is that you're more sensitive than a 12 year old schoolgirl.

yea, i am a sensitive man Anything wrong with that? Hey, we got year 2010.
For real now...i am sorry that i thought it was you erasing all my messages. So someone different was doing it.
So take that sorry from me. I know its hard to find fair mods with just this small community

you erase every message i sent here on the forum mikkel (with no offensive content).
So i do you another favour.
Here is a new thread you can erase. I am a nice guy giving you work in this hard times, right?
I hope your menstruation is over in a few days

EDDIE54 wrote:what happen to redneck?

hey edder. what john wrote in the message before describes it but he forgot that i apologized by mikkel. He banned me before and rebanned me again in the forum. But after this rebann i wasnt able to edit my profile again (my signature was empty).
Now it stands there in my signature, i feel ashame written it into it but i cant erase it again.
So..thats all of the facts now. Redneck, the Thunderhead was on a rampage again and cant erase the shit in the signature. I hope mikkel will find a way to delete this shit again.
mikkel is no bad guy, i just went too fast angry about that piece of shit African Assassin. Mikkel misunderstood my question to erase it and so the shit happened.
P.S.: i hope you come online more often again. John told me about your problems with loading of the games. Come online and we try together to repair that.
HTF wrote:
Dick E. Boon 2 wrote:By not inducting new people into the HOF, the HOF lost his credibility. I dont buy it that players like Ashton or Labratory are/were better than players like Jermain Taylor / Nigel Benn / Vargas / John.

Mikkel created a great game but imo he should put a little more effort in the HOF section. People take it seriously, and they are right to do so, it is (or at least is was) an honor to be in the HOF. By not inducting new people it shows some disregard to the new players.

Lab was better then all of those players. But he could have been better.
Ashton was real decent if not a little bit better. He came back on a alt once or twice and did very well against the games top players.


Mikkel is right about asking about being in the HOF. Sugarray did this and i belive people got annoyed and it didnt help him any.

If I was you i'd just forget about the HOF and continue to fight... IMO the game is struggling a little bit and I am sure naming the next HOFer is low on the priority list.

if someone deserve to be in the HOF its john. I got thousand times more respect to john than most listed in this so called HOF. He got skills that others named there just dont have.
But the active players are not allowed to vote someone into this HOF. So we got no powers to take him there...sad but true.
So one permanent player (boon) opened this thread and other permanent players want him to be in.
So i think you HOF guys should take a second look to john. Maybe he is ready for the HOF. Its not just a nonsense thread. It got a basis.
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