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Messages posted by: Redneck
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Author Message
I am still here and waiting that the game comes back to 5-10 Players. Its just annoying to see noone online all the time.
come on guys. 8 days noone posted here on the forum? Dont let this superior game die!! Mikkel! Do something!
Kush, Kush, stink like a mush. Hahahaha!! Damn fool

Kush you idiot. Stop using my name in your homo-dreams. I am hetero

Go Play a little bit this dumb 3D-game. Its made for you...

Of course i love the old days of the C64 boxing games mikkel. But the graphics you use with OB2D are fucking great for a 2D game. It would be a step back if you use the C64 graphics again. Imagine we could Play a game with graphics of OB2D back in the c64days. A breakthrough.
The only Thing that is missing is that dirty effects like blood flying or even a Little more blood in the face after an ass-kickin.
Or something innovative like this blood-face in Thai-Boxing on the c64. That would bring 2-3 Points new Motivation to OB2D.

I think OB2D is near a perfect 2D boxing game. Just this Little Gimmicks i am missing a Little bit.
Hahahalololhahaha! The graphics in your sig are shit mikkel. Its your character that you always go steps back instead of doing them Forward. The graphics of OB2D are allright. Maybe a Little bit effects here and there (like blood or scratched faces like it was in that old game "Thai boxing" for the c-64). But this shitty ass graphics from your sig...come on man!!

What other game you are developing? Now dont tell me that it is still this dead-end-game OB3D. You are just working on it for your own fun..noone else will ever Play this crap.

Hey Maxie,

thats bad News that you will never come back to this game. I always respected you as a good Player with a nice character. I will miss you old fighter.
I dont Play this game, too. But i will always make a stop here to see if mikkel Comes out of his Resignation and give OB2D the work and Attention it deserves.
At the Moment i think he is sleeping the 1000year sleep of an MummyLOL...
Anyway, i wish you well and a good life my friend!
Mikkel wrote:Redneck it wasnt the top ten trollers he asked

Ohhhhh! So you are still alive Miks? Thought you are already dead because this game looks like not maintained for years.
Now i am glad that you are still among us
johnbludger wrote: You got a problem with that Redneck?

Of course not John. You know i play the bad guy here on OB since i started playing the game. Its my role to write that You know that i love you buddy
johnbludger wrote:If I take this seriously than what does that make you? And hey maybe I do take this game a bit seriously, but I take everything I do seriously, game or not.

Yeah, but...ummm...its just a GAME!! Get a life
Get a new Connection catfish, old pal
so i come in at 2:31 p.m. eastern standard
Of course:



aaaahhh...this sweet words. Thank you "Kush". I always enjoy it if someone calls me "retarded cry Baby", "retarded bitch" and "troll". Thank you .



you guys better stfu with this new Server shit. It will never happen and all that it archives is that it kills the game more and more because the guys that are used to this Server now are fucked up and leave the game because of all the "New Server Cryers"
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