Complete roster of ob 2020(Confirmed)

  • This is just how many players logged on and was around for the year 2020 alone. Back from 2018 when I first came back there was only 5 players which was
    The CRANK 2, Faker, SNIPER, Toosmooth, Reaper and John( he was always around ob jus didn’t play because he was too dominant at the time.)

    Now fast forwarding to 2020, These are the players who is either active, logged on, faught at least one time , or was just around and popped their faces on ob in the year that we know about officially.

    1. The Crank 2
    2. Faker
    3. John
    4. Reaper
    5. The Sniper
    6. Maxie ( Big white)
    7. Toosmooth
    8. X treme skillz
    9. Thomas Hearns
    10. Adonis creed
    11. Mad skillz (oceltl)
    12. Nvtt
    13. Captain America
    14. The reverened
    15. Fierce
    16. Unstoppable
    17. Shrtngr8
    18. Profsback
    19. Jab Jab Jones ( old player )
    20. Black Bear
    21. Tomato rojo ( original )
    22. Terminator
    23. Canelo1
    24. Blended Oreo( honorable mention new player )
    25. Forgot user ( ob3d player who was active for a while forgot username )
    26. Crusher
    27. Pats
    28. SRFC ( didn’t fight but he came back and post on forum)
    29. Edder

    ^ They are just the official confirmed not considering alts, there could very well be more players but they are not confirmed due to alts won’t know who is who. We have had a good amount of players log on into 2020 hopefully 2021 it will continue to improve! it went from 6 players to 30 in 2 years! ( confirms)
    These next players I’m going to name are players who have been around past years from 2016-2019 that I Have not named in the previous.

    1. Labratory (2016)
    2. Fatny (2016)
    3. Here to Fight(2018)
    4. Lennox Lewis ( could be an alt ) ( 2019)
    5. SugarRay (2019)
    6. Apollo Creed (2019)
    7. Nigel Benn (2016)
    8. Yacoob (2019)
    9. Floyd mayweather (2018) ( most likely an alt )

    We got hella players around ob now not saying they were all active but if they all stayed around and played ob would be super active again ! Anything is possible and now we have the power of social media and group chats like our discord so no one can just disappear anymore ! If I missed anyone lmk I will edit the post.
    This is just something to keep track of who has been in ob. This is proof old players come back to check to see how the game is every once in a while! I didn’t even add up new players and alts so we have a little community right now let’s see what 2021 is out for!

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