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Messages posted by: Its me Vicious
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I'm probably the newest player on OB that plays consistently. Reading all you've said it feels like I've missed out on a lot of things that have occurred throughout OB history. Awww sounds like fun.
It happens with most games... At the early years of this game people didn't know what type of style worked best. Later on some people had figured out a style that would counteract everyone else's current style. Turns out it was what you call "botboxing". But I beg to differ, 5 years down the line we'll see John and Fatny commemorating their days on the forums just like you are right now. In the future there's definitely a place for much better boxers than there are right now, even if it is just one or two people.
I love you too Reaper. <3
bro how on earth did you get this data lol
So, you want to beat everyone and anyone on OB?

Here's exactly how you do it, no bullshit.

I have been experimenting on what works and what doesn't.

I will give you a list of things that works on specific players that are well known around the game

1. Ask him to train you, and right when he switches to Trainer John to spectate and you're still in the fight with John. Whoop his ass, throw a few right hands followed up by a large hook. When he's falling forward flurry punch at him so he can't get up. People may look down on you because of this, but i'm just stating the facts on what works and what doesn't.

2. I'll say this clearly, if you want to beat John you have to do it by KO or TKO. There's no point wasting your time trying to win by decision.

3. Hope for a freeze KO.

4. Don't touch gloves with him, go straight in with right hands (This will rarely work due to his reaction time)

Nigel Benn
1. Get a wireless connection and get as far away from your router as possible to get a very bad ping. This will successfully slow down Nigel and get him out of his rhythm.

2. Take the fight slowly try to block his punches and get small ones in, if you throw too many punches it will make him concentrate.

3. Don't intimidate him before/after the match, you're just asking him to concentrate.

4. This is the best tip you'll get for Nigel Benn and this isn't considered cheating. I found that this works very well; compliment him on his ability after he beats you. It will make him reckless and give you the edge.

1. Just go for it, trust me you'll win.

1. Get contact to John.

2. Camp online for a good few months and wait for that legendary pokemon to appear.

3. Right when that legendary appears, call John up immediately.

4. Tell Fatny that your screen is messed up and you're going to re-login

5. Invite John over to your house if you are in Ohio, if not use Teamviewer to let him control your computer.

6. Make him fight Fatny.

7. You could also try to fight Fatny yourself but meuhh..

Kenard Jones
1. Realize that it's completely impossible to beat this player. Enough said.

Wait a minute.. London works in favor for pretty much everyone excluding unstoppable and HTF lol
Tokyo JP 277ms
London UK 2ms
Newark NJ 85ms
Atlanta, GA 110ms
Dallas, TX 125ms
Fremont, CA 180ms

The one in London is perfect for me but a problem for most other people.
I just want to lay a few words. As John says, styles make fights.

To him I say, no they don't you watch too many movies.

Sometimes you just have to be better than your opponent.

Some people say that you have to outsmart your opponent, no names, Rocky Marciano Jr.

To him I say, this game isn't intelligence, or else i'd be the best player of all time, it's the way you react to what your opponent does, doing the right thing that will counteract what he just did in a given time.

Everyone has their own unique skill.

That skill is useful to a point where it becomes useless.

With experience, one can be as great as any HOFer.

I do not fear a player that has an arsenal of punches and uses them inefficiently.

I fear the player that has a specific set of punches that he has perfected and become the master of.

To the point where it has become second nature to him, doing it without thinking, hitting you, landing every punch. Truly amazing.
I get a strange feeling when a fraction of the passed HOFers comment on one thread. O.o
Dark Destroyer wrote:
sterlihalla wrote:i remind myself of mayweather

A midget that wins a fight by a cheap shot, hits women, and ducks the very best competition. Sounds about right.
It is what it is though... Shit happens.
Look at Reaper shaking in excitement because he knows he can never do that to John when he's there. Damn this is the first time i'm genuinely feeling sorry for John. If it was a lucky KO, fair enough because it's hard to catch John with that. But this... this is just terrible, he took advantage of a moment like that. John would have waited for him if he wasn't moving.
How long have you been playing OB, Crank?
Since december 2010 why you trying to stalk me?

Those bouts you had with Nigel benn, tell me a bit about them.
Wouping ass Wouping his ass wouping my ass. Having alot of fun and shit like that.[
We wouped each others ass to have fun :o

How do you feel about Nigel Benn being inducted
What you mean. I ain't gay. Well. He deserv to be in it. Just too damn unpredectable.

Do you think you have a rightful spot in the HOF?
Hell yea, long as fatny or htf don't play a lot, have a goo chance :o
eras that, I mean hell no because of John.
That's what I thought Crank.

Crank, is there anyone you consider to be better than you, exluding HOFers, if so name them.
Anyone in this room hell no, well non including hof members. That I faught since I came back nope, can I fight now?:o

How do you feel about single player coming back?
wtf man you are trying to stalk me, I feel MM and DPS

MM and DPS?
Yea go with that.

More.... Money..? Double.. Penetration Society?
Well i feel that mikkel finally stepped up.
and making the game better :o

How do you feel about John holding all of the titles?
pce i feel very
blank blank about john having the title tell me the rest of the question later.

So you're just going to leave the interview?

Ok I understand.
Remember that day when we were out together and we both got into a fight with John at a bar.
You went straight for him and you got yourself knocked out, a few minutes later once you became conscious you got up and you got angry at me.

The Crank 2: "Hey Vicious why didn't you get him?!"
Vicious: "Well I mean, that's pretty selfish of you. I just saw what he was capable of. I mean he made you go to sleep. I'm not tired. I had a nap. What if I did fight him and we both got knocked out. Who would wake up who? I don't carry an alarm in my pocket when I go to a bar, that's how people get raped.
What you're about to see may be very disturbing, you have been warned.

I'd think I would have beat you at least once, like a disconnection or something.
I'll be a grape. Grapes kind of describe my balls, small and squishy.
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