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Messages posted by: Faker
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As you all may know we currently have a cheese champ in this era of OnlineBoxing and what i'm about to do is expose this snow chimp in an articulate manner. However i'd rather not just go on a rant so i'm going to write a poem.

By the end of this rhyme your title will be gone

Fuck that, you'll be ANNIHILATED dead, your career will be done.

Earlier you referred to your career as a Legacy?

You're nothing special - you do the same things endlessly.

You're the opposite of APB, you fight so recklessly

You're predictable like when your mom takes ecstasy.

I don't mean to get personal but I can't accept what you've done.

How dare you step in the ring and beat down on John

Retaining against bums, you wouldn't dare step to Fatny

What happened to the tramp who was so eager to fight me

Oh I know he's somewhere in Atlanta sucking on cocks.

10 years down the line and you still can't even box!

A new guy could beat you and end your career

And i'm not talking about HTF you mother fucking queer.

Your style is so desperate, you step in the ring without a clue.

Step in the ring with me and i'll put an end to you.

(A personal message)
Chopper you're a mark ass bitch.

In my opinion he's still the chump that I can slap about with some effort, so him getting the belt is a good thing. Just gives me the opportunity to put him flat on his ass and rip that belt off his waist. But first lemme list a few reasons why I think chopper is the current OBC champ

1. He has been fighting me and training. I got this chump back into shape.

2. He's a cheese champ. Has punishable flaws however I do think he's starting to use his brain more often now.

Alright i'm just surprised that this guy won a decision against John so I can't discredit him for that. I mean this guy gives me problems so I guess it's not much of a surprise that he's the champ. He has been going neck and neck with John for a while, it was only a matter of time till he gave the HOF'er John a slap back to reality.

Anyway congratulations Chump-per81.
Fatny dismantled John in the first fight knocking him out in the 11th round while dominating majority of the rounds.

It's interesting watching these 2 HOF'ers fight.

You can see them both exploit each other's weaknesses. You also see small things that they both do which makes their fighting styles very different.
John and Fatny have bumped heads and are fighting RIGHT NOW. 2 HOF'ers are going at it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I really do feel as though OB2D has potential to be a HUGE multi-platform game with thousands of people actively playing. It is quite upsetting that Mikkel has no time for OB2D anymore but I really feel like this game is a golden game which hasn't even made it to shelves yet.

First and foremost i'd like to thank Mikkel for creating the game that many of us love. Thank you Mikkel.

OB2D is your child Mikkel. Your child has the potential to grow if you nurture it! AND you're not it's only parent, every one of us - the players. WE ARE the family of OB2D and I just really think that if you put some effort into OB2D - it will grow.

However, I do understand that you also have to look at this from a business stand point - is it really worth your time? I'm going to state a few reasons why OB2D isn't growing right now and what you can do to make it a successful, healthy growing game that you can earn a fortune off.

1. Marketing the game correctly
This can be many things, but i'd like to focus on this point: charging players money to customise their character. This is something that shouldn't be implemented until there is a solid player base with dedicated people that will be playing almost every day.

2. Single Player/Tutorial
I want to emphasise on this as much as I possibly can because these are the FUNDAMENTALS of the game. I've seen a hand-full of players come on and immediately go off after getting their ass whooped by a veteran. It's quite discouraging. With the addition of a tutorial and single player mode, new players can learn the game and refine their skills to one day become skilled enough to compete with the veterans.

Honestly... I could go on forever but listing problems isn't going to get us anywhere! I want to take action. Mikkel please get in contact with us, we're a big community of players who want this game back. We want to bring life back into this game and i'm willing to donate to the cause of OB2D.

An incredible start to all of this could be to bring back 'Single Player Mode'. I know that i'll be grinding single player every day for non-stop hours - and i'm sure it will bring back great players and create even greater players. Alright thanks Mikkel if you took the time to read this.
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