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Messages posted by: Ray Johnson
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Maxie wrote:So, Im online again. Come at me bros... ray wiliams johnson can stay at home.

Don't associate me with that tit-munch. And are you implying you've left your home to go and play onlineboxing? Yeah.. you're a fucking tool as well. Unlucky, brother.

NVTT wrote:Some stupid asinine bullshit

Nevermind, I didn't notice you were, or had the mental capacity of, a humourless fuckwit of a child. Burn in your own stupidity, I am done with you.
NVTT wrote:Why dont you fight me gay ass fagget.

I don't fight noobs, cuntboy. Keep talking and i'll eat your vagina through your teeth.
NVTT wrote:how about stfu cause his comment was like months ago dicktard.

How about you suck your mothers dick? The age of the comment is irrelevant, and so are you.
sterlihalla wrote:I dont know if people know about this glitch but NVTT has been freeze glitching fights, hes done it 4 times to me, as i understand it, you have to send him a challenge then he cancells it at the right moment then he is online in the fight and it kicks you auto out of the fight. You cant even defend yourself. Sad way to win fights but any thoughts on this?

You're a faggot
Maxie wrote:Im online... come at me bros.

What the fucking shit. Why announce that when nobody looks at the time of your post. You fucking cunt. If people want to play then maybe they'll load up the game.
NVTT wrote:Ill be waiitng when you LOSE THE BELT.

sterlihalla wrote:shut the fuck up yacoob

Even though you still have the spelling abilities of a sexed up toddler snorting cocaine, you do have a point.
Maxie wrote:nice to have you back, have a seat!

shut the fuck up
catfish2 wrote:Mikkel made a game that has given me and most everyone else many years of enjoyment. I've grown up playing this game, making friends with all the losers on here, (rofl) and I don't know any other game I've paid for that has given me close to 5 years of fun. A network of friends that I've freak'n laughed my ass off with and at. This really has been the best online game I've ever played, and I think it's just disrespectful not to have given Mikkel anything for the hard work he's done.

This is very true.

And that's why I'm giving mikkel a thumbs up for his efforts
Even though your post is effectively a "brb", cya later. Enjoy your break
The Great Yacoob wrote:Your intellect could be likened to that of a Monkey. You so happened to go to borders book store stumbled on a handfull of books read them, memorized and than proudly claimed a highly advanced aptitude yet still having a demeanor of a neutered retarded kid named Walrick.

I didn't claim to have any advanced aptitude (not in this thread anyway.. but I am a fucking genius) nor have I read any 'books' on this matter. I'm not proud or ashamed of the fact that I haven't read a book in over 3 years. EDIT: Actually, I stated the opposite "anyone with basic comprehension skills and a lack of a brain tumor".

The Great Yacoob wrote:For example if you do not care for someone do you keep making attempts to associate with them i.e. (Every thread i create you're the first to comment) tell me that's not STUPIDITY nor MATURE could you have been a half of a blank from you're father's dysfunctional cock? So for the sake of making yourself feel better i will speak no more on the subject.

Your point here is that.. I comment on your posts first? Its a fucking forum and your posts are the most retarded of them all so I feel obligated to post. And please, say more. You've clearly failed in your attempt to 'figure me out'. You literally have no fucking clue, mate.

The Great Yacoob wrote:When your coffin closes and you're down there cooking like a thanksgiving roast i can only say from paradise that i told you so. The Holy Bible is the TRUTH, the whole TRUTH, and nothing but the TRUTH you godless fuck.

Right. You should probably refer to my previous post on speaking about shit when you have no evidence. But good luck with the whole bible thing I guess. If it keeps until next month you ADD assfuck.

The Great Yacoob wrote:What gives you the authority to disprove a 2,000 year old listening......oh that's right you're a Theologian now who so happens in between LECTURING CLASSES PLAYS online boxing or comes to check out my latest posts? Who the fuck birthed you? I mean really sometimes i think some human lives, like your's for example are truly accidents. Just because YOUR TRAILER PARK WHITE dosen't necessarily mean your SMART you faggot. You ought to know better than play war of the words with me mother fucker I OWN THIS SHIT you better watch how you talk to me sir. LMFAO! End of Transmission...BIIIIIIIOOOOTCHHH!!

Again, the picture you've created in your head which defines me is pretty inaccurate. Read above for why you're full of shit!

Nevertheless, I can tell you what gives me the authority to disprove bullshit.. Nothing. I don't need authority or permission you dumb dicklicking son of a whore. I'll fucking take it myself and shove some sexy ass logic into your eye sockets, until you see the damn light. Let me explain in a way the gr8 yacoon can understand:


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