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Messages posted by: Unstoppable
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Surj wrote:hey unstop long time no talk bro.
lets get it up and running then

Na man I live in Florida now.... where/how are you living these days? I can go half w/ you on a server as well bro or I can pay for an addt'l yr whatever is needed. It's going to be tough to get OB back up, times have changed... Too many tablets and keyboardless devices
Mikkel wrote:This place is pretty cheap : from $2 a month ! paid annually

AKA $2/month sheeesh. Im willing to go in with you surj on a NICE server.
thesniper wrote:The server move killed the game for me. I can't get on without a 200+ ping now. No sense in playing when you can't move

Surj wrote:The Poop That Took a Pee

Chapter 1:

Douglas had to poop, his butt was all stinky because he had to poop so badly. There was a gross woman named Rebecca who was sunbathing all naked and she was fat. Douglas walked up to her and said, "I need to poop". "Okay, Rebecca replied, "I like poop". Douglas squatted down over the fat sunbathing lady and went poop. The poop sat there on Rebecca's boobs, looking like a weiner.


"Why are we here?", Douglas cried as poop came out his weiner in a long thin strip, it was weiner-poop, which is the grossest poop of all.

The peepee got on the woman's leg and she screamed, pooping out her boobs.

And so when the pee got mixed with the poop it smelled like a butt.

And the poop and the pee lived happily ever after.

Extremely interesting! What's up man.
Hey all, please check out my nephews new video. Unsigned artist in NY but making major moves. Appreciate the support OB fam.
Mikkel wrote:I've already told this Redneck character that I would work more on 2D if I had time for it. Can't work on 2 games simultaneously when my time is so extremely limited.

IF I had the time though I would like to bring back the original graph (see sig if you haven't seen it before) . I still have it but would need some work to get it working again.

I think it was an error to abandon the original graphics really. The simplicity of it was its strength.

The gang is still here waiting in patience for that new server!!!!!!!!
thesniper wrote:The new server would have brought back a lot of people. I've been waiting for weeks for it to happen, and then I'd be right back in the game. Currently I can't play with this server, almost 200 ping.

Mikkel wrote:Who cares. The big one against Pacman is never going to happen because Floyd was his usual drama queen self.
Let him just get koed, then koed again, then let him go full RJJ, someone who never had his shining moment. Bah.
I miss the days of SRL and Ali.

Lmao not full RJJ though... Canelo doesn't stand a chance. He said his plan is to attack the body and wear him down but Floyd has a counter right uppercutt for that. Floyd with another masterful decision.
219ms -Tokyo, JP
139ms - London, UK
60ms - Newark, NJ
45ms - Atlanta, GA
63ms - Dallas, TX
109ms - Fremont, CA
Canelo vs Floyd who ya got... why and what round?
Mikkel does this look like something that could work

^^^^ nvm cancel all datacenters are in denver

or maybe you can just fill out the info and get a quote, I would do it but I do not know what to insert in the fields... here's the site
Congrats, well deserved! The last of us aggressive specialist remaining.
Phenom wrote:i dont know how to do that kind of crap i was just suggesting a location lol i wish i knew how to figure stuff like that out i just looked at a world map and looked at europe and the us and seen a decent location was canada but i would be happy to help your search if you show me how to

Canada works for me but we need other examples from the fighters in the eu

go to

under the tab Hostname, you will see #'s example: thats an ip address... click on start on your pc(macs are different if you have a mac let me know) and type cmd... on the black cmd screen... type ping or whatever "ip address" you want to try this will give you an avg speed the ping came back
johnbludger wrote:Unstop could you find a server for Spain or Portugal and see what your ping would be?

Well spain wont work based of some ips from
Phenom wrote:Could it be possible to put the server somewhere in Canada? Seems like a good location for both Europe and US fighters alike.

find a cheap one and get a ping for it.... Im currently looking and havent crossed any suitable servers.

Google cloud servers canada, or wherever you are interested
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