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Messages posted by: Titan
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johnbludger wrote:Official list:

1. Titan

2. Nigel Benn

3. Kush

4. Phenom

5. Kayonda


7. Maxie

8. Amir Khan

9. Crusher

10. Muhammad Ali

yeah, thanks. (mikkel stop adding things to my postings, thank you, you dumb monkey
Mikkel - The greatest Clown around.
Only a few oblivious shitheads like yourself don't want a change, thinking that this server is the greatest thing out there this the new way the wild John discuss things now? The Server is perfect and it never skips or something like that for me. It runs smoothly and fine. If you american Trailer-Kids got bad Connections its not my Problem nor the Problem of the Quality-Server
The Server we got ist perfect. Stop this nerve-killing discussion. Most of the Players are ok with the new Server.
The only one that is sending thread after thread crying for a new Server is John. Every week i log on there is a new thread about that.
We like the Server that is running the game now. Dont listen to 1-2 People. The european guys never cried for a new Server in the
Fatny's not people like Redneck that enjoy watching people in forums get pissed ...

Fatass you dumbfuck. I just spammed 1 time in 8(!) years. And i apologized for that.
So stfu and crouch under the stone you came from.
LOL John. But at the Moment i got 0 ping..hahaha. Ok, now with the Java-update i got 10 ping (damn Java developer idiots..).
yeah, thats right mikkel. But its great to have the ppl playing on 1 Server. We still not have the amount to split them on 2 Servers.
Fuck that! The Server is good where it is. If the Server will be in the us again i stop playing the game.
And why the hell a european guy wants to open a Server in the US again? Play the game and stop crying you US-guys. I never cried all the years i played on an US-Server before. I got ping 137-143 and i was happy with it. Now you got a 125 ping or whatever John and you cry mikkel a river to get a Server in the US again.
Thats not ok.

please, please change that monkeyface-avatar. This guy looks like someone barely able to write and walk. Hahahaha. Maybe we should give that Avatar-pic to the organization that wants to shock People with pics of meth-consuments.
Its good to hear that you stay pats. You got the skills to get one of the best again. And you are a great character to talk with (not like a lot of otheres that are barely able to write their name..hahaha).
So a ping-Zombie got the belt now. Very, very, very great News john
Oh nice. After the crying of that user "deleted_user1371850747972 " ( I think this is that unknown fighter NVTT?) i am 3-4 ranks lower now.
I dont care but shame on this man. No words for that.
Hey Viper. Its me, Redneck. I am looking forward to our next battles. I am playing the game here and there. But if you manage it to come back i am there to stand my ground

The Server is allright where it is. Just because some got not that superiour ping that they got before moving to another Server again?
Its a fact that this Server now got much more Quality than the one before..not that much skipping caused by the server, no server caused freezes etc.
Oh dear..Boon got a higher ping than before? This guy was never available to Play this game. Not with the old server and not with the new. It got something of masochism to Play this game vs. boon.
Everytime i log on i see most of the fighters with good pings. Just 1-2 with really bad pings.
With the old server we guys from europe never cried cause of bad pings. That seperates us from you american guys.
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