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Messages posted by: KUSH
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John go F your sister inbred looking frankenstein mother fucker jp I am bored.
Yo what ever the fuck this guy is smoking I had like 10 of them.
Give me time for tomorrow thanks
arrange a time guys and ill fight until I lose and if i don't at the end ill just give it out.
Lol active fighters? There is only 2 maybe three. I tried logging in several times NO one is on. Give me 1 day heads up and ill come on and give u the title or fight until I lose it. I don't care.
give me a days notice and a time and ill get on and we can go a few fights. Just got to give me a little heads up.
give me your time zone and what time and ill be there.
Mikkel wrote:
Its me Vicious wrote:
Mikkel wrote:And is restarted. Why didnt anyone say something ?

You demotivated us with that 'I'm giving up' post. I come on every few days to check out what's going on but that's about it.

The giving up post was years old. Some idiot brought it back to life.


There hasn't been a real fight in like a month lol... Where every one at?
sterlihalla wrote:Nvtt i beat you the last couple of games fool haha, kush take ur belt away fool

some one get online and ill let them have it.
Its not that you suck Vic is just that most of the active players happen to be mostly decent fighters who have been here a lot longer then you wanker.

This server is junk why would any one wanna play it with skips and lags and freezes. Sure it may not give problems to Europe people but at this point how many Europe people play daily? Switch to a server that works for both. We found one we should have tried but I couldn't connect with Mikkel and when He is on I happen to be unavailable.

As far as me and my shit talk I say this shit just fucking around I find it amusing how many people buy in to it. The online boxing forums has always been a bit hardcore this is a fighting game we aren't saints. But out of respect for Reaper and even know I think hes a punk bitch at times ill remove my avatar. It is Christmas after all.
Fierce1 wrote:give up on it you fucking loser. while your at it give up on ob3d cos thats got no players in it either

Lol ob3d has better players there then here.. Plus they aren't near as childish as u fucking faggots.
I think its time to shut the doors down Mikkel.. Had a good run man.
Mikkel wrote:Keep it down or ill have to ban u fools.

Aww come on Mikkel... If Redneck can spam the forum a 10000 times and still post I am sure ill be fine. Ill keep it nice on the 3d forums for ya Mikkel.

@Reaper my display name? For one Kush isn't just WEED and if it was WEED is LEGAL in a lot of places now so GTFO.
Redneck wrote:Kush you idiot. Stop using my name in your homo-dreams. I am hetero

Go Play a little bit this dumb 3D-game. Its made for you...

who cares if your straight, ever heard of rape mother fucker?

And u stick around here simple man with a small cock(don't hate me your wife told me a long with sterillhilary)
Honestly Reaper or fag boy;dick sucker,cock goblin,cunt man,and dick rider. I have done stuff in this game you could never do. I have beat you easy as hell every time. Fact is you suck in real life at boxing and on this game.
Forum Index » Profile for KUSH » Messages posted by KUSH
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