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    As it stands I don't quite understand the dynamic of the game and how to land effective punches. It's not as simple as OB2D. But nevertheless that makes for a better experience. From playing OB2D I've realised that no one has really mastered the game - people have become "good" but have never really mastered it. If I had myself around as a veteran back in 2014 when I started playing OB2D - I would have been able to learn things much faster. That's no knock to john @king-john - he tried his best with my hopeless ass. Well anyway this isn't a shoulda coulda woulda post. The fact of the matter is... No one is really as good as anyone makes them out to be. They're just better than the people that have played this game. This isn't my opinion - this is a fact... If Mikkel can create an AI that can destroy Fatny like he's a novice - no one has mastered this game. Just imagine how average or maybe even under average some of the best players would be if OB2D was a widely popular game.

    Alas... I will be giving OB3D a shot since the same thing that applies to OB2D definitely applies to OB3D.

  • If you want to get better then fight more simple really. Same rules apply to OB3D.

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    @Reaper I'm rarely gonna be on OB2D past 10pm GMT. Nothing in this post says anything about getting better.

    I have set out to become the champ in OB3D.

  • @Faker what time you coming online tonight? i will fight you

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    @Reaper I'm on now

  • @Faker Still waiting on ya so i can whoop ya again. The fight lagged out but i guess you knew that. When you ready for another challenge and to continue to lose your streaks/belts let me know.

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    @Reaper had a power outage.im on my phone using data. Power cut in the whole neighborhood

  • @Faker ah ok, you coming back online to finish what we started?

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    @Reaper yeah waiting for this to be sorted

  • @Faker This gotta be one of your best excuses yet. ;)

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    @Reaper lol

  • @Faker If you are leaving then vacate your belts too. Also i didnt appreciate you saying there is no competition. You lost very recently to me.

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    @Reaper I didn’t say that. can you actually read the post before making comments on it. It’s just to say no one has mastered the game so if you try hard enough you can be the best. A living example of that was John. This post has nothing to do with competition. It’s all about my potential on OB3d. I still don’t know what is going on, no electricity yet. But I will be there soon to kick your arse,

  • @Faker John lost too dude and wasnt that great. He got better than Fatny because Fatny didnt play for years.
    So what you doing? Fighting or ducking? playing ob2d or leaving for OB3d?
    You must know me by now Faker. I got the receipts dude. Please see screenshot below of you talking crap in OB3D discord:


  • Lets be honest your barely reigning champ because you lose your belt when you become active at least a few times and you have competition mainly from me and Sniper when hes active.
    Last reigning champ was Fatny for a good few years.
    John was almost a reigning champ but was able to be beaten every few fights.

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    @Reaper HHAHAAHHA IVE LOST MY MIND 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 why are you on the ob3d discord. Those are nice people, get off that discord you don’t belong there reaper. Anyone can get a win. You crumble to the pressure when you have to prove that you’re a legitimate champion.

  • @Faker Ok i am now convinced your ducking to keep your precious belts. Thanks for proving my point. I have been on that discord for a long time and i have played OB3D in the past too.
    You wimp, you probably even disconnected the fight just so you didnt lose too.
    Your such a troll of a champ. If your leaving because your so good then vacate your belts? answer the question.

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    @Reaper when the electricity comes back on I’ll fight you. I’m not ducking no one I fought you about 8 times you dumbass

  • @Faker Yeah sure thing and you have lost almost half the times you fought me. So its back and fourth dude.
    You aint dominating no one. You could use your phone but you dont want to risk it.
    Anyway i wont be on OB2D after 7pm simple as.

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    Good fights man.

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