Smooth has died from Corona

  • @Faker We settled this in the client. As far as I'm concerned, conversation is over in this thread. Take care of yourself.

  • @Faker you take this game very seriously lool

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Faker Only 19? i thought you was in your early 20's with a kid. Which one is it mate lol?

  • @Guest said in Smooth has died from Corona:

    He hasn't left. Every time he has a smooth connection he gets his ass whipped. His new tactic is to turn on the lag after the first round so you can't exit out and are stuck in 10 minute rounds due to lag.

    So we got 4 active players.

    Reaper - loses and then says he beat your ass. Or runs after a title win with no rematch. Gives no one credit.

    Toosmooth & 100 Alts - Lags fights. Unbearable lag. I can't fight him anymore.

    Faker - Would rather win on a 15 rd decision leaning back and jabbing entire fight than to go out like a warrior. Refuses to engage in a fight, because he gets knocked out when he does.

    I don't know how much longer I can take this.

    lol fairly accurate and i admit sometimes i dont give credit to people because i hold people to high standards sometimes and its annoying losing to luck KO's but i think it comes from playing this game from the Veteran days e.g. There were some examples, traits and unofficial rules of playing:

    • never hit someone on the way down

    • never crouch exploit

    • fight everyone and dont be afraid to lose and take risks

    unfortunately veterans and top players dont exist anymore. Mostly its a few people that are good.

    Dont forget @Faker - Doesnt login for weeks when he wants a rest and plays league of legends then doesnt fight if he isnt confident that he can win. Scared to lose his belts and uses the crouch exploit when hes about to lose.

  • This is sick @Faker you went too far. @admin @Mikkel you need to ban Faker for making fun of the COVID-19 situation if you have a spine. People have lost lives due to this disease!!!

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    @Reaper You are the biggest troll EVER. alt text

  • @Faker I have no idea where you got that pic from (you are a super geek) but this is a stupid thread you need to grow up a little. Covid-19 is not a joke. Bless you, your probably terrified at the thought of not playing ob2d anymore.
    Stop being a troll yourself.

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    @Reaper This thread is 3 months old. Stop being an idiot.

  • @Faker does that mean your not an idiot? lol.

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