Smooth has died from Corona

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  • He hasn't left. Every time he has a smooth connection he gets his ass whipped. His new tactic is to turn on the lag after the first round so you can't exit out and are stuck in 10 minute rounds due to lag.

    So we got 4 active players.

    Reaper - loses and then says he beat your ass. Or runs after a title win with no rematch. Gives no one credit.

    Toosmooth & 100 Alts - Lags fights. Unbearable lag. I can't fight him anymore.

    Faker - Would rather win on a 15 rd decision leaning back and jabbing entire fight than to go out like a warrior. Refuses to engage in a fight, because he gets knocked out when he does.

    I don't know how much longer I can take this.

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    @thesniper Your simple words just don't move me - you're minor, we major. You're all up in the game and don't deserve to be a player, don't make me have to call your name out. Your crew is featherweight. My gunshots'll make you levitate, i'm only 19 but my mind is older. When the things get for real my warm heart turns cold.

    But you forgot your own name, i'll do it

    The Sniper - The frustrated fighter who tries to provoke you to play off of your game. Desperately tries for the KO but it only comes once in a blue moon. But at least you get the better of Reaper - that guy's a melt.

  • @Faker Don't quit your day job. LOL. Oh wait you don't have one. I wouldn't be so sure about your mind being older than you. I have beaten several fighters who would wipe the floor with you and your safe and scared style. I don't play this game to figure out how to out jab and win snooze fests, I come for the KO and excitement. You lack exciting fights, one thing all the others in the HOF have. They took chances, you don't. Which is why you don't belong in it. You can change all of this pretty easily, and still hold all the belts, so I'm not sure why you aren't trying to show you can be versatile at this point. You have already proven everything you need to prove with your current style. You are definitely capable.

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    @thesniper Lol if I can pull it off against the other HOFers & other top contenders then i'd be a good candidate. I mean, Greg Haugen? Nigel Benn? They've both lost more to toosmooth COMBINED than I have - and i've fought him almost 3x the amount that they have. But i'm not here to argue my case of whether I should be a HOFer or not. It's a ghost era, need a foundation of players before we can make any OB history possible. And anyone you beat, I beat. No one would wipe the floor with me. You gotta adjust and adapt. Fight people differently - that's what boxing is about.

  • They lost because they took some chances and came on for exciting fights. Not jab fests with no risk. They would have similar numbers if they chose to do so. Those who have the most respect in boxing history took chances. Those who were out for minimal risk are forgotten.

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    @thesniper Fatny and John - arguably the 2 best players to ever play this game are bot boxers. They jab jab jab defend. And hit you when you're open.

  • @Faker Maybe that's the way they fought you. I didn't have that experience. I slugged with both of em. I'd rather go out like a warrior.

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    @thesniper You box them, they'll box you. You slug them - they'll use their defence and knock you the fuck out lol I basically do the same thing to you except i'm leaning not defending with a guard.

  • @Faker Boxing didn't work for you against either of those guys. My record is 5-44 against John... a really bad one. But yours is worse at 3-58.... pick your poison I guess?

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    @thesniper You've never beaten a post-HOF john. EVER. All my losses to John are when I was a new player and during his HOF 200+ streak reign. I beat John now, you beat him 10 years ago when he wasn't even inducted into the HOF. Need I remind you that he was also 15 years old back then.
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    I'm surprised you didn't beat him more considering your age? How can a 15 year old do this to you?Let me fight a 15 year old John and watch what i'd do to him.
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    Boxing definitely did work against John? You could never outbox him in your life. I forced him to go for broke in the 15th round and stopped him. Not bragging either because John is a great player, possibly the greatest.
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  • You beat John 3x and you are trying to justify losing to him over 50 times? Give me a break. LOL. Instead of looking in the mirror, you are pointing fingers at others.

    I was only a few years older than John at that time... not sure what you are trying to prove..... I think you are insecure. You fought him more than I did. And you lost more too... I took a 4 year break from 2014-2018. If I wanted to box John I would have tried... I didn't want to, and I still don't want to. I'm here for exciting fights, unlike you. I will take a risk to have fun. I'm here to have fun, not bore myself and others with tactics and strategic leaning.

    Keep plugging all your data and stats all you want. That shit isn't holding up.

    Oh and another thing.... HOF fighters don't hide behind alt's when they are too scared of taking risks on their primary accounts. They didn't need to. Even at this stage of your game you hide behind names.

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    @thesniper You've never beaten a HOF John period. You were 22, that's 7 years. You were MY AGE! You didn't beat John at his best, I did. Don't talk about hiding behind alts when you came on an alt once to fight me so i'd let my guard down. Don't run your mouth. I speak facts. Beat John after he got inducted. Have you done that? Nope. I rest my case.

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    @thesniper and p.s. don't talk shit and say you wouldn't box john if you could , you just can't. If you could you would. The simple fact is if you can do something to get you the win, you would do it. Because i've seen you adopt leaning into your style to try and deal more damage. So please PLEASE PLEASE don't run your mouth. When he fights you he fucking toys with you. But when he fights me he's alert. And plus we shouldn't even be having this conversation because the last time you beat John was pre-HOF induction. I don't wanna have to come on, push you to the ropes and then knock you out cold. You're really pushing it right now and I don't wanna have to do it but I will.

  • @Faker said in Smooth has died from Corona:

    talk shit and say you wouldn't box john if you could , you just can't. If you could you would. The simple fact is if you can do something to get you the win, you would do it. Because i've seen you adopt leaning into your style to try and deal more damage. So please PLEASE PLEASE don't run your mouth. When he fights you he fucking toys with

    You are making a fool out of yourself. Too bad you won't engage in the ring like you engage on a forum that 2 people frequent. Lol. I am literally on the game waiting to fight you, and you are here typing instead of telling me direct. You are talking about past fights from 10 years ago like they happened today. Your theories are all hypothetical garbage. Hilarious. Take it easy Faker, you take this thing way too seriously.

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    @thesniper Sounds like something Reaper would say. I don't take this game seriously, I take winning seriously. Smooth said it righter than right. I hate to lose.

  • @Faker We settled this in the client. As far as I'm concerned, conversation is over in this thread. Take care of yourself.

  • @Faker you take this game very seriously lool

  • This post is deleted!

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